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Friday, April 8, 2016


We distributed more joy bags from Direct Line ministry. Our lighthouse children packed them up took the kia and distributed them in a mission outreach from La Cruz Baptist. Their men are planting a new church and their youth are teaching the children. (not sure if we will get anymore state side stuff because our shipping cost have trippled due to customs in Honduras. )

We had a big surprise when a church called and offered to help with the roof for the classroom in St Teresa. Amen. Hoping it will be a dry place when Drs arrive in 2 months... big blessing. The church in Nicaragua also has their roof up. The preacher is planning big outreach in a few weeks. He still wants to go to Cuba for a month a street preach and evangelize... his military training was there as a young man and he has free access. Just waiting for the Lord to provide funds needed... not much really. Just more than we can swing alone. Amen

Monday, April 4, 2016

Mountain wedding

Mountain wedding yesterday. One of our bible students getting married in st Teresa church. Jenny and Julie helped out and loaned them items from Jenny's wedding. Many here do not marry for many reasons they just live together. Money is just one reason, so even if a couple is taught right has conviction marriage is often prohibitive. (That is the excuse, in reality every person does what they desire to do.) But getting a spirit sent desire is a wonderful thing to see in new Christians. Another fruit of salvation. Amen.
One trusted the Lord in San Geranimo yesterday as well.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Joy bags, marriage and bee stings...

Ended a long 5 week month, hard when there is only 3 weeks worth of funds to feed all the kids ect. But the raven came. It is humbling living by faith not sure from where God will send the provision. Our ministering saints have proven over and over their faithfulness. The raven last month came in the form of a college girl working her way through school and one of our own former Lighthouse children covering the balance at the checkout register. Amen and humbling. Thanks to our prompt and faithful, today I was able to pay the large 2month electric bill...amen.

Wilson asked to go out with the older boys and help cut trees... lasted 30 minuted before bees got him on the lip and ear... looked bad but the meds kicked in and was looking normal and feeling better in an hour.

Julie and Jenny are heading to the mountain to help in a wedding. They are reusing most of the stuff from Jenny's wedding. Went out this morning to distribute Joy bags from Directline ministry. But found many of our church kids in school... on Saturday ops.  Reschedule...

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

holy week

The church in St Teresa is making progress on their classroom. They have been teaching full time bible classes in the public schools. Several schools begging them to come to their's as well because they see results. The classroom space is to bring kids after school and allow more in depth teaching. A ministering saint gave them seed money to start, they grew it so they could build bigger. They are near the roof level now.
One of the bible institute students(Wilman's sister) asked Jenny and Julie to help with their wedding in two weeks. After she weds she too will start teaching bible classes in the public schools... amen.
The San Geranimo church is planning to baptize more folks at the Lighthouse property. Had another drunk almost hit our entry bridge but hit the big rock instead and took off...
It is holy week here now. Everything is closed, packed or parties and drunks,... not a good time to go or do anything unless you like crowds, few supplies and drunks(it is holy week). But the Lord supplies. A wealthy neighbor invited us to use his empty house, complete with private pool and all.. free. The kids had a blast... me? I worked a mean hammock in the shade sipping a real sugar coke out a glass bottle.  It is the same place the Honduran president stayed at a few months ago...
 returned to the house and had a gospel movie night with kids... all was great till bedtime and got really sick.  Downed meds and vineger and feel a bit better this morning...not sure what hit me. I finally was able to get Julie new glasses. They fell off her face in the dark highway when the Drs were here in Jan. She was helping others and lost her glasses in the process. She is one of our biggest helpers in the ministry here. Hard to see her go so long without seeing, all the while never missing a beat in her work...thankful the Lord allowed another pair. Always in need of prayer...
Btw 105 today climbing to 107 by Sunday... no wind chill, not a cloud anywhere... weee.

Tidbit-an Easter thought... I often see people stating God's love is unconditional. Sounds good, warm and fuzzy if you are soft toward modern romanticism. But it is not a bible truth, it is not reality and excuses the need for salvation. In truth all love is conditional in some way. Some say "I love my child unconditionally"... that statement alone proves itself void... because if a child is not yours in some way you will not love them the same, ie condition... The love of God has the biggest condition possible, the cross, and hell is the proof. It is not that God hasn't loved you, nor is there a depth to which He has not gone to love you, if you yet breath God is expressing His mercy, grace and love toward you. He created the entire universe because He loved us. He became incarnate and died to pay for our sin and rebellion against Him because He loved us. But let me ask this. Are the souls in hell in a loving relationship, does He not call them wicked and cut them off? The door of the ark did close. In essence to say the love of God is unconditional is to deny the truths and need of salvation. It is a subtle excusing of sin. By definition true unconditional love would remove the need for a cross by loving everyone without condition and sin is ok. (Satan has been on this attack since the day of his fall). The love of God is very conditional on the cross. If one says the love of God is profound, deep, beyond our capacity to grasp fully, unfathomable, cost beyond human measure, these are true. That the Creator would die for the created might seem like unconditional love from the redeemed's vantage point... but the fact that He had to is the greatest condition of all.... the Bible is filled with "If and then" statements... conditions. The tree was placed in the garden on purpose... as a condition a pretext to the cross. The truth is all creation was designed around the cross. The cross was not a "fix" to a problem or error. It was the very purpose of creation to declare the glory of God and demonstrate His love toward man. The cross was the plan and purpose from the beginning. God's mercy and grace on the cross is humbling on every level to me... The Gospel message of the cross is the declaration of God's unfathomable love... that God would die for man is the very purpose of man's existence. By Him and for Him....
John, 14:23 - Jesus answered and said unto him, If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him.

Saturday, February 20, 2016


Been a blessed month over all. Had a box from a church in NY arrive the first week with much needed clothes and near everything fit someone. It also had a nice hd mixer for Lisa and the much needed high output special alternator for the new Kia. It has had a workout since installing it because we have had little electric at the Lighthouse, 3 or 4 days a week without power. So the kia with an inverter fills in running lights and fan.
Have had several trust the Lord so far this month in several churches and two special adults baptized at the Lighthouse. Of course after baptisms are over no reason to waste the water. Kids hop in and fill it with balls and cool off... amen.

Had another delivery from the states as well when the Christmas bags arrived along with some food for the Lighthouse. Another Amen!

Been fighting zika mosquito here because some in our ministry are expecting. Bought needed insecticides and sprayers to keep them at bay. Had a few emergencies as well. Boys jumping on a bed and splat on floor busting out front teeth. Late night Dr run but no emergency rooms would take him, all lacking doctors. So called the dentist in one of our churches ran by her house at 9pm to pick her up and take her to her office... surgery finished near midnight. The second was done by remote control. Alba called in a panic. Mikey had a neighbor kid jump on a board and mess up his hand. Called a friendly er dr and he was able to pin him back together. Amen. Karen also had her pins in her legs removed and is learning to walk again. She is up and around with just a cane now. Still a ways to go though.

 Always in need of prayer because we are buffeted on all sides daily. So today for down time, I opted to take all of us to the beach. All 22 with a few extended family... was going to take both kias but the old one blew the clutch en-route and was left behind at a mechanic shop. After a wonderful day on the way back hit a traffic jam of hundreds of cowboys showing off with dancing horses. Sit in traffic with the kids and watched the show. Last week Lenin wanted a project so he replaced the screens in the kitchen door and repainted it. Amen. Thank you for every rememberance and prayer.

For those wondering about beach weather this week for Choluteca Honduras?
Sat 100 sunny, Sun 100 sunny, Mon 102 sunny, Tue 100 sunny, Wend 100 sunny, Thur 100 sunny, Fri 101 sunny, Sat 101sunny, Sun 100 sunny, Mon 100 sunny,

Friday, January 22, 2016

Amen post....

Amen post. Just finished a hard week of medical evangelism with the Wallers and Truth for Today medical missions. They bring a group from the USA and we augment it with folks from our Local churches, giving medical care, glasses, dentistry and of course the gospel... each person receives personal attention.
Hundreds of people in four locations received care and a personal gospel witness. Of those 165 made a profession in Jesus Christ. It is a hard week expensive week, 4am mornings and often midnight nights but it is well worth the harvest...
That leaves a lot of follow up by our local churches. We are planning a larger scale outreach in June if the Lord allows. The airlines lost the luggage with meds and glasses for the group.
It arrive finally for the last day. But the Lord provided ways to keep moving forward and many were saved. Wonderful week to store up heavenly treasure....wonderful week with old friends and new. Melinda needed "security" while in Honduras. Marc and I provided what we could and put her in our shadow... but she preferred to see the sun shining... :)

Friday, January 8, 2016

Ending with a bang...

Ending the year with a bang. It has been a blessed year over all. Many trials, many storms passed but the "Son" always comes out and shines in the end... December was a hard month in many ways, yet blessing fell more abundantly than burdens. Ministering saints allowed Lisa to visit her father after a heart attack and care for her elderly parents.
Two weddings for 2 girls who have been part of our ministry since the beginning. Jr modified another missionary's Kia for more extreem use and also went to Nic with our evangelist and preached. The church building in Nic is going up.
They want us to return and help weld the roof. The classroom construction in St Teresa has begun. The well at the Lighthouse was repaired for much less than we were told and feared it would cost. But only after much labor from Jr and the boys building rigging making tools ect. They were finally able to extract it and do the needed repairs and the well was not as damaged as we thought... Another miracle. A supporting church sent their pastor, Pastor Kiefer and his wife and daughter to help with the wedding of Jenny. With their help it turned out wonderful in every way. They blessed in many ways even afterward. It was a needful visit.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Stop to pick the flowers...

Jenny married part 2 ..stopping to pick the flowers
Lots to share. First the well is up and running thanks to ministering saints and a lot of hard work from Jr. The Lighthouse has running drinkable water and is supplying the neighborhood again. Jr managed to fix it all much cheaper than we were told and feared it might cost. Still lots of money we didnt have, but not the mountain of cash we feared it would take. Prayers worked again and the Lord supplied all. Amen!

Jenny's wedding was simply beautiful in so many ways. The Lord's hand was seen in humility everywhere. From Jenny picking flowers from the side of the highway a few hours before the wedding. Add to it as we entered town she saw a stranger's house with perfect colored flowers. We stopped to ask if we could pay to pick some. The man answering the gate looks at Jenny and says "you are the american's daughter, the one marring Alberto"..."uhh yes," "take all the flowers you want and have a good wedding" Bring light to PROV 31:22-23 amen. The wedding came together because there were so many showing their love to Alberto and Jenny. A pastor and good friend brought his family just to perform the wedding, they have been praying for Jenny weekly for 10 years. He preach a perfect wedding sermon and service.
The night before Jenny came into my room crying, she lost her engagement ring(again). She had taken it off to wash clothes and feared it went down the underground drain. She had looked and looked to no avail. I said do you want it found? Yes papi. Lets look for it. As she started to leave I said not that way and instead we bowed to pray and ask the Lord. When finished I asked one of the other kids to go looked for it and where. But before they could start another child ran in with the ring. Jenny looks at me and smiles and says thank you Lord and thank you papi... amen. They wanted to go with Jr and Lourdes to Nicaragua to do an outreach for their honeymoon. I was able to work it out so not only could they serve the Lord on their honeymoon but Jr and
Lourdes could celebrate their aniversary as well and spend a couple of days on the beach there before returning. Several families bought fireworks to set off after the wedding and 1st of Jan. I bought a firecracker along the road with 1lb of powder...it was really really loud. Why does one buy a firecracker with one lbs of powder or a wedding... I was left alone for a while. Lisa is in the states the Girls (Lourdes, Jenny, Julie) were in the store getting food for the Lighthouse... and I was left alone in the parking lot. The bible says it is not good the man should be alone :) So I wandered off and saw a man selling fireworks along the road. I asked do you have loud ones? He runs to the back and brings out a homemade Honduran 16 inch long 4 inch round made from newspaper firecracker... and says it is real loud and real cheap... i looked around and saw no one saying no. Then he says the main sales pitch "es muy peligroso". uhh. SOLD!  What's a lone guy to do?.... so the wedding festivities began with a bang and several guest dropped their wedding cake... and the whole neighborhood came out to watch the rest....
jr finished the mods for the other missionary's kia and the arrived as he was bolting in the rack... amen
Wonderful day... thank you to all the ministering saints of our Lord. You have made a remarable year possible and stored up much treasure in heaven

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Jenny married...part 1

Married... Honduras requires couples to be married civil before they can marry in church. The "legalize" not unlike a licence in the USA only here it is binding before a preacher makes them say "I do". So we gathered all this morning to city hall Jenny and Alberto along with Josilyn and Hydle. We opened in prayer having the new husbands pray, then the fathers, then the pastor. Right in the middle of city hall praying in a circle. Then the official comes out and does the signing and kiss. He pushed Jenny and Alberto a bit trying for a big romantic kiss rather than the peck they did...
they would not, wanting to wait for the marriage in church before the Lord... fun to watch...They will make their vows in church Jan 1st with a visiting American pastor friend doing the service. He has prayed for Jenny for 10 years with his family. Until then Jenny and Alberto have chosen to continue to live apart to honor the Lord in their marriage.  Amen. In the photo below is Jenny looking up in her church wedding dress. Lisa took one of her 10 years ago in her first white dress in the exact pose. I used it in a video I made years ago and it is burned into my memory. I could not find it. A ministering saint sent me an old copy of our videos and I just happened to see it again... so I took a screen shot. God is always in the details. Jenny came in this morning very early while I was praying, we prayed and wept together for near an hour for the last time as my little girl because after today she legally is her husband's.
thank you Lord. As I got the receipt from the courthouse I turned to Alberto and said just like all the stores in Honduras, once you have the receipt in your hand... no refunds and handed it to him... good laughs...

Monday, December 7, 2015

as honduras turns

Still hauling water. Takes a couple of hours a day.  The local place we have been getting water from is growing tired of us already and has limited us now. Already dealing with diarrea and amoebas in the smaller kids. They are used to drinking from any water source... cannot do that now plus cannot clean quite the same as when there is abundant flowing water. Was finally able to buy a 10,000lbs chain hoist and try pulling the well up. Managed to drag it up 10 more feet but is binding on the casing. Not sure of destruction. Stopped for the night and had someone steal our pipe wrenches... feel like I am in a soap opra some times and the plot thickens...  the well drilling company came to send their camera down but could not until we remove the pump and piping. They said they could replace the casing and clean the well and rebuild well with a new pump for about $5000. Oh joy. They said it cost $125 per hour to run their rig with crew.. and need up to 20hours plus parts to do it... so we at least have a plan..just need provision,... still pulling the pump as of this writing. Had to wait to afford just the chain hoist... 5k is a long way off..

Went out Sat to help do a street outreach in a neighborhood. Set up for a movie and have our kids and teens from our closest church invite the neighbors. Usually a good response 50 to 400. Closer to 50 this time because we chose a night of a big soccer game, plus the annual big fair is in town. But they all heard the gospel. Just fishing for wild sown seeds.

Karen is healing and off the heavy pain meds and going to church. It will be middle of Jan to remove casts and pull pins.

New kia alt. went out again, but this time jr remembered one of our old bad alt. from 6 years ago that still had a good armature. So he dug it out and we swapped the parts to make it generate again...

Lisa still state side caring for her dad, doing ok still needs prayers too.

Weddings are soon upon us as will be Christmas. No plans as of yet on that front. Our school year is now starting as well....
Need lots of prayer as always

afternoon well update... pipe broke leaving the pump stuck half way up in the well with a straight pipe sticking up just under the water level broken... ie kind of worse case... need to  build another tool... more money and not sure will work...went to town to find things to build a tool. After talking to the drilling company they let me borrow $300 in pipe. So that is a savings... now to design a tool ti grab a pipe in a blind hole 60 feet underground...  a tomorrow task...

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