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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Holding your breath...

August has been a long hard month like holding your breath trying to get to the surface. Lots of work and many battles some won some lost. And the battle raged on 2 weeks longer than provision. Even so blessings abounded. A terrestrial loss for celestrial gain. After a long struggle in various issues, we lost 2 pastors in our ministry, two pulpits needing a voice and sheep need care for. But thankfully our young institute students are stepping up. One has offered to go up the mountain on weekends to teach, preach in church and even begin instructing institute classes there. My part of the deal is to help provide him a way up and back. No easy task, if I were to drive him it would cost near $300 just in fuel each month plus 30 or more hours drive time. And be brutal on the vehicle. We need to do something similar for another location as well. Busses work but are inconvienent and add days to the project. Motorcycles seem the best option.
Lisa was asked to help do a wedding in a mountian church. She provided, electric, dresses, decorations, shirts, ties, and of course the wedding cake for 300 guests for 2 weddings on same day(was going to be 4 weddings) She did it but without sleep on the last 2 days to get it all done. Carrying a wedding cake up a steep bumpy mountian path...think it will arive pristine? dont hold your breath.

We had American visitors from a supporting church. The LORD allowed us to share many parts of our ministry with them. Visited homes, chased monkies, helped in the wedding, preaching , handing out tracts in public school and so on. I believe the LORD worked in their hearts and eyes see clearer. Our church services at the Lighthouse have been full, we ran out of chairs 2 times this month. Over 100 in our little building. Amen a good problem. Electric has been an issue as of late. that is keeping it on, whether by storms taking it out or provision it has been off a lot. Cost is high.

Went with the ladies group to the dump for an outreach. Changed a bit since the last time I was there there. Children are no longer allowed inside so they stay just outside the gate. There were two events one for kids in the street. Numerous decisions. So many, the ladies broke up in 7 groups to deal with the children better. Many, maybe 30, plus 3 adults present made decisions for Christ. Handed out food and hygene bags and shot off the candy cannon. We then went into the dump. Open the doors and the ladies were overwhelmed by the smell. You can only hold your breath so long. it soon passed and we had a small crowd gather to listen under a leanto. They presented the gospel and 5 wanted Christ as Saviour. Beautiful to watch. Hand out the food/hygene bags. Several folks remembered me from years ago.(side note one of the kids with me in our home was a frequent resident of this dump many years ago today she was my photographer and cannon shooter) One of the little things I thought humorous. My Lighhouse kids with me, after helping at the dump, watching people eat cookies and cupcakes with very very unclean hands(like they used to),...afterwards climb in the truck and start digging through things to find handsanitiser. My how things change... Cant go up to the devil and plink him in the nose and not expect a response...
 Come home to a house still without electric(2days) and now without water. Check out our storage tank on the mountain and find someone jumped up and down on the $4000 tank to get the lid off and put dead animals in it. Oh joy. Climb in push tank back out, clean out the tank bleach it then clean the property system. Been a very very long month on the finances. Everything terrestrial is behind, But all heavenly deposits have been on time. Amen!

Saw 2 of the boys who used to be with us years ago but ended up back with their parents, now they are begging in the streets. I stopped and bought them a pizza and talked with Mario and Fernando. Mario showed me the recent scar where his dad cut his arm with a machete while in a drunken rageā€¦ heartbreaking. They enjoyed the pizza but you could tell it was in sorrow over what they had lost when they saw the kids still with us.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Joy Bags

Lisa took the school class out to deliver Joy bags from Directline ministries. They visited some of the homes near us. Homes made of seed bags and garbage bags held on with soda pop lids as washers. John and Romans and tracts were also given out in abundance. It does not take a rocket scientist to see one of the real reasons there is a border problem. People need the Lord everywhere... The pics are a little higher res than normal as of late. click on them to see clear larger images. Thank you for every rememberance and utterance in prayer...

Monday, July 28, 2014

Kia mods

Just some of the kia mods...and why..
After 8 years of hard labor and many repairs, the old truck has been demoted to the work truck rather than the daily driver. Mods
So far
1-Tinting free
2-MP3 stereo free
3- Diamond plate bed and sides
4 Build a rack from sch 40 pipe bent to desired shapes with folding bench seats that raise and double as side for security. Rear door\rack extends out the back as a bench for a few extra pass. paint all with an equipment brushed alum color
5-Add a removeable safari top to rack that also raises for standing pass. along with velcroable side curtians.
6-Put a 1\8"washer under the bump stops and just slightly raised the torque arms a half turn each and realigned dur to added weight ect.
7-Custom built step bumper and frame mount reciever hitch

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Thief Chasing

Outreach on the mountain last night. Our evangelist preached till 8pm and several young folks trusted the LORD. Then a gospel movie till 10pm home 11:30pm.(no electric up there so all power is from kia or Generator) Our preacher has been there all week visiting and helping the pastor stengthen a work that had been sifted. It has been nothing but good reports. On a unction, outside the door of the church, I began talking with and counciling a teen girl. She was in rebellion with her folks and God. She learned what was true salvation. And in tears she reconciled and prayed with her parents. Her dad was overwhelmed in tears as they hugged....hmm
On the way home coming off the mountain overlooking the city lights, the kids with me were excited to see the shooting stars. Get home only to find power had just came back on(we had all the back up lighting up preaching), dinner ready and Lisa and the kids had been chasing off theives all evening....( 9years in and it is still the same as the first week here, Soul winning and thief chasing..often they are the same job :)

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Heavenly treasure

The week is over and the group of friends from America have left but not without leaving behind treasure for heaven. Many putting their faith in Christ, many seeing clearly. It has been a month of blessing, work and trials. A new kia provided but rushing to get it ready to do the work of ministry required. A week of late night welding to build a rack and seating and trailer hitch to move the coming group around. Paint still drying when they arrive. Many situations in the background to attend to while group is fighting spiritual wickedness out front. Even with a visiting group providing a great blessing, the regular things still have to get done, counciling, fixing broken things, buying food and gas ect. But the treasure put in heaven by such tasks and outreach will take an eternity to comprehend. 300+ souls cried out to God this week, 1200+ saw more clearly and the work of followup begins. This group was packed with old friends, several pastors who I hold in High regard, A missionary to the middle east who has become a great friend over the past couple of years, and a few new ones. It was hard to fellowship with the flow of needs before us but it was squeezed in as we could. If you are a chuch looking to support a missionary to the middle east you could do no better than J.P. Day and family, they are and will be an effective voice for our Saviour where there is often no other. If you are a church looking to support and effective ministy of harvesting Souls, Truthfortoday Medical missions will put abundant treasure in heaven on your behalf. Thank you to the churches for sharing your pastors, you have truly cream of the crop men who love the LORD and love all those he died for... Thank you to all the ministering Saints who made this months blessing come forth. The container, New kia, medial outreach and support...

Sunday, June 15, 2014


Been quite the week so far. A 40 foot container of donations arrived, a new Kia was provided, and our multi church youth conference took place. A lot of work is an understatement. But blessing abounding as well. The container was filled with food, shoebox gifts, a frig, stove and a long awaited washing machine. Along with bibles and 2 million tracts... Should keep us busy a while. We took delivery of a new kia provided my ministering saints, and began modifying it to fit our needs as a people mover and ministry truck. Our first youth conference with more than 100 young people from 4 of our churches. They listen to more than 5 hours of preaching by our Bible institute students. Most of the lessons were on not following the worlds ways, proper relations and marrage. Strong stuff. Feed them lunch followed by a short game time, which were also life lessons/preaching of which they became the object lessons.  Taking them all back up the mountain left the old kia rear end complaining. Hopped in the new kia this morning to go to the river for baptisms from the campain in the other mountain. I was expecting 14 but it ended up as 28 believers entering the waters. One was a blind teen had I hiked in the mountain and gave a bed to her and led her to Christ... 4 years ago. One was a young man the pastor led to Christ more than a year ago but had not come to church or been faithful...He went at midnight pounding on the pastors door and begging him to pray with him and get right with God... Another, Angel the boy Pastor Santos took in after his parents died of aids. Then watch Pastor Ruis have the pastor's daughter wrap up his feet in plastic to keep the not so clean water out of his diabetic sores so he could baptise the new and old converts... Humbling to say....

the least. The new kia was broke in with a sermon preached from the bed and hauling kids for the Youth activity yesterday... amen!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Psalms 37:23

 Tues-What a day... Mostly sitting around all day making calls...from a tire shop. Headed out this morning to do banking, pay bills, meet with pastors, and deal with government customs about a container that is in country. Opted to swing by the tire shop and have a noisy shock replaced and check the alignment... turned out to be alot worse. Got it on the alignment rack and found the right front spindle was broken. Only one bolt barely holding it all together. Had it broke at highway speed, nothing but bad and really bad news. Head first into someone or tumble down the road. I had Lisa do a late night run with it the night before for internet paperwork, yikes. Took it apart at the shop and began looking for parts. Found one in the capital for tomorrow. So for today we welded back together and were able to get home. Fixed Wen.

We have a wonderful blessing of a 40'container donated and shipped and is currently in customs awaiting payment paperwork ect. Been 3+ years since our last container. But our new government is so bent on collecting taxes on everything they put forth new rules and they want an an extreem amount for import taxes, and they are not letting tax exempts off the hook. Not a good situation. They want $7400 in taxes and fees exc. more than 2x what we were told before shipping. That is on top of the cost of shipping and collecting. We sent a lawyer to plead with Gov officials in the tax office, but to no avail. Pay up and your time is running out was the reply. Our wonderful ministering saints who sacrifice to collect and send it, are sacrificing yet again and seeking to cover the expense but it puts a very dark cloud whether it is worth doing it again. Dont get me wrong it is still worth the blessing, even at double the costs, but it makes it questionable who is willing. If you spend $7 to get a $40 blessing with just a little risk and alot of work, most people find it a great deal, but spend $14 to get a $40 blessing with the same risk and work, not as many takers. Bottom line is the ministry and poor here suffer and will miss out more in the future. These kind of donations are another avenue to gain help tools without affecting regular support. It has been much harder to grow the ministry in the last 3 years without the extra help. Bibles, tracts, food for the orphanage and poor. It is much harder to raise funds, to purchase here, that kind of volume verses what is donated and shipped... and oft times unavailable here. Hoping conditions change on this...one thing you can count on here, nothing stays the same... except the poor who always pay some how.
One of our pastors and his second man were out soulwinning in the mountain on his motorcycle. They went to a place they thought had many homes. After dumping over the bike and breaking the clutch handle and foot pegs they walked the rest of the way in, but only found 3 homes. They did their work and saw 2 come to Christ. On the hike back out they passed the home of an elderly lady they knew who was not a christian, she was the grandmother of a church member and had rebuffed them numerous times. Tired, muddy opted to just return to the motorcyle. As they got ready to leave the pastor could not find his phone. They returned up the path looking and found it in front of the elderly womans home. Figuring it was the LORD they went to witness to her and received a warm welcome and a soul who trusted Christ as saviour. Ps 37:23 They left rejoicing after finding that which was lost.

One of our 10 year old boys got burned. A big pot of soup was on the stove and one of the teen boys was asked to help move it to be served. As he turned he stumbled and dropped it, at the same time the young boy was going into the kitched(without permission) and let the dog in. The soup landed direcly on the dog and the boy fell into the hot mix on the floor and burned his back. Two trips to the Hospital. He will be ok but it may leave large scars on his arms and back, Eric is his name. Always in need of Prayer.
 Internet and phone communications have been bad as of late. Hoping it will improve when a new cell tower is finished between us and the city. Took the older teens out fishing in the river with one of our pastors. Been a long time but a fulfilled promise to one of them. Casting the net... amen.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Real hope

What makes a beautiful funeral? Is it all the flowers or nice funeral home, or is it the nice trimed cemetary with shaded seating. We had none of those. Or is it the testimony and hope in Christ shining bright in the family and the lost one. How many pastors see 20+ people come to a saving knowledge of Christ during their own child's funeral, with more than half while they preached? How many limit it to a few words rather than preach 5x to different crowds even late into the night? I can say without a doubt it is not the niceities surrounding a funeral that make it beautiful. It is the "way" that makes is beautiful, the hope of the family. The preaching of this same salvation to the neigbors that makes it so. Friends carrying the casket and lower it into the grave they labored hard all night to dig. Only to hear a grieving mother whisper "may I see her one last time?"... And without hesitation the men jump into the grave and lift the casket and hold it over their heads to allow a mother one last glimps of the body that housed their daughter and read the open bible on her. Watching our girls give cold water to 200+ brethren in sweltering heat. And seeing a grieving father comfort everyone else in his time of mourning... Yes a christian funeral is a beautiful thing to behold... because of hope.

Joy in tears...

Honduran funeral: Went and picked up food for the church to cook for the funeral(people there all day). As I drove back in they said they want you to preach. Uh ok. Open my bible to find a passage and get stopped... they want you to preach now. uh ok. Share what the LORD gives about the difference between the death of God's children and those who are not. Hope. I used the testimony of the pastor also how the early church grew because of the death of the saints. True christians meet death differently. There is joy in our tears. We read Psalms 116 and 1 Cor 15:53-58 and Phil 1:23 I had made an offer of salvation and saw hearts moving but then turned it over to the pastor, the father of Rixi. He was deep in prayer and a little unexpecting but jumped up and finished the preaching. 12 adults came forward for salvation... Amen. Keep in mind, A Honduran funeral most often it is the family that does everything. Preps the body, digs the hole, cooks the food...and in this case preaches his own daughter's funeral with a salvation message of hope...The picture our girls tookwas her younger sister leaning on the casket. There will be 4 times of preaching and she will be buried in the morning after we move her from the house to the church then to the cemetary... Not sure if the kia will be a bus or a hearse today..

Monday, May 12, 2014

Days in the life...and death

Prayer needed. Internet not working right hard to post anything
Days in the life... Chasing spiders, building walls, sealing holes, counciling and loving in deed. Rainy season has begun and we are playing catch up. Electric goes out daily as they fix all the lines. Dry season allows one to coast a bit and get other things done. Still repairing the wall at the church. Going to really hurt at the end of the month. Also had big holes in our roof that needed attending. Showed the boys what to do and sent them up (lighter). to fix. Roof tape, tar and young teen boys...make a big mess. We will see how it holds soon. Sat morning they run in with a bunch of taranculas. Three of about a dozen they found out by the laundry room. Can we keep um? ...Do you have an cage? uh no... then no. Put them back and wait till you have a cage for a dozen big hairy spiders.(not likely to happen) Drove to town and was waiting for someone and opted to wait near the soon to be new kia dealer. They are displaying cars there already. Pulled up to a new kia like ours and waited and looked. Our old one obviously was jealous, nervious or thinking it was time to finally escape to car heaven because after about 10 minutes it overheated and dumped all the water... Asked the car cleaner guy for his water and refilled and revived it... has not lost any since. Hmmm. Was called out to do counciling as well in the midst of it all, rare time when a humble spirt prevailed. Then got a call Sat night from Pastor Renee but had a bad connections and confused, and he said he would see me in the morning. Pastor Renee needs prayer. His oldest daugher was hit by a car. She was in the capital hospital and not sure if she was going to make it, or if they could save her leg. He sent his wife and other daughter to the hospital and he stayed to preach. He got a call in the middle of service saying she was dead, only to have them say moments later they revived her. Confusion and heartache. The hospital was not helping as they thought they should and all wanted to get her in to a pay clinic specialist care. I know this hospital it is a training facility and patients have a new doctor ever 4 hours. In our 2 weeks there never saw the same Doctor 2x. And the Drs hate to be questioned. I gave him all I could to move and care for her.
 Not sure if it will be enough and not sure how we are to get through the month, but no other way to obey 1John 3:16-18.
Mothers day went well. As I was waiting at the gate in the kia to go pick up folks a humming bird started tapping the windows. Cute and memorizing. Front, back sides then I saw a crow nearby so it was likely trying to hide. Lisa prepared nice gifts for moms and a dinner afterward. I was distracted dealing with Renee only to have a neighbor come over saying our cow was stuck in their fence. Grab 2 boys and send them to get the ox out of the ditch. Always in need of prayer
 Update as uploading...
Pastor Renee's daughter was hit by a car this weekend. The injuries did not seem that bad at first. It has been a time of turmoil and heartache. But we just learned Rixi Estela Sanches did not make it. She was 22 years old. He is the pastor of the church we are trying to rebuild the wall on. He is on a bus on the way back from the capital with her body to bury her here. Heartache upon heartache. So often we seem too little too late here... She did know the LORD.

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