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Saturday, March 28, 2015


Kia ambulance. Got a call earlier in the week from one of our mountain pastors. He needed help with a young girl who was having delivery  problems.  Her baby was breached they got her to the hospital and did an emergency c sec. To my surprise and against my advice they wanted to go back up the mountain just a couple of days later. Loaded up her family and her a made the slow ride up. Some men met us where the kia could go no further. The had a hammock  strung up on a pole to carry her the last mile. Baby and mom are ok. Baby's name..Elijah  Moses. We destroyed a third new tire this month. I think I need to fix the old kia and use it more for these runs. It is modified with the big heavy tires. The road still ruins them too...just not every trip.. Lenin was with me and changed his first tire. Only had to help him with 2 tight lugnuts. Amen. Earthly costs $200...Treasure stored in heaven? Priceless.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Testing waters...

Jr and Lordes are back from Nicaragua. It took them 5 hours to cross the border but once across no issues. They did 2 preaching outreaches in two locations Saturday and Sunday under tents and handed out some Bibles with our national preacher. Two of Lorde's brothers also went as set up crew and sang bible songs with the kids. It was a good time of testing the waters so to speak...which they really did too. Between services was enough time to visit the beach like we did last month. A retired Sandinista Captian allowed them to stay in his home and helped them do the outreaches.

Just prior to Nic. we finished up with the visiting group from Wings BPS and they headed north to help another mission. They walked every major street in Choluteca with folks from our churches handing out thousands of invitations to Wend night church service and 10'
s of thousands J/R. Wends was a double header preaching service held outside because near 300 showed up with several trusting the LORD. Bibles were handed out to 95 first time visitors. They also spent time in a school teaching as well. A great visit. I believe the LORD was pleased in all of it. Lots of work but lotsof treasure in heaven as well.  ...amen corner-Well pump runs...and we got our washing machine parts in and are washing clothes... Amen! In between the two outreaches one of our mountain pastors asked for help moving his corn harvest. So we took the kia up and loaded it down with corn seed. and lost a new tire when a sharp rock cut it up... after sweating it all out the A/C also quit... Return to town dusty, hot,  sweaty and replaced both... A/C needed a new fan... no one had one, not even the dealer... A search of junkyards for one that was...well close enough. Air is cold again...

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

putting out fires...

Have a great group here from Wings BPS. They sent 18000 John and Romans to distribute on a bliz to help one of our city churches. Picked them up in the capital(half lost luggage) arrive back in Choluteca in time to pickup the parts Jr needed to install the new pump motor...use kia to lower pump, at midnight we finaly got water up and running...only to have lines burst over night. Head out with group and distribute near 10,000 of the J/Romans in a great day. Come home to seeing a blazing fire creeping up toward the lighthouse (kids in bed) wake all load up a tank of water on the kia(firetruck) and head out to battle the blaze. Lisa and several kids have melted shoes... but blaze is out. Called fire department... never came. Guess they needed gas money first. Praying for a good turn out today as we head out sowing more seed for tonights service.

Friday, March 13, 2015


Battling spiritual wickedness in high places... Thankfully we were able to repair the roof, we hope. Ministering Saints gave extra and we replaced about 1/2 of the roof panels on the Lighthouse. Which were all the ones we knew to be leaking. Amen!  We could not test it because we lost water. We also fixed our washer which was several hundr

ed dollars for a pump...and it worked one day before a sensor switch went out...now waiting for parts. We have a group coming from the USA (BPS) to help distribute the 18,000 John and Romans they sent, in a 2 day blitz of the city. We finally got school started again and found a certified teacher willing to work with us, books  purchased and kids going. Amen.  Woke up Sunday to no water. Run through the normal fixes and nothing. Run around to find a few expendadables often bad electrical parts on Monday, still nothing. Had to pull the pump up. Called the folks that installed it and waited waited waited, 2 days of promises. He arrives on a motorcycle with a tester to tell us what we already knew. Pump must come up. They could pull it up for $800...uuhh no thank you. So Jr and I set out to make a rig to pull it up, buy steel, rob parts from other equipment ect. Took a day with a few failed attempts(heavier than we thought) and we ended up using the Kia and pullies with cable to pull it up in about 3 hours once started. Only find the worse case, the pump was burned up...a very expensive pump. Now to find one and pray we can get it. Next weekend we promised our Nicaraguan pastor to revisit the area we canceled with the Drs last month... not sure how we will have funds at the moment. Would hate to cancel a second time. Just battling spiritual wickedness in high places it seems. Also had to replace 2 tires in 2 weeks on the kia rocks cuting them open. One wheel was so tight I broke the tool... had to get a younger man to help me change a tire... That is embarrassing for an old tire man... getting old.  Good things must be coming next week... amen

Friday, February 27, 2015

Hyssop...and living by faith

Weee...Only 28 days but been along expensive month...The latest washing machine has died. Too many hardships.. ie working constantly... when we have electric that is. Power spikes, outages, hard unending labor have had their toll in less than a year. Pump motor and spin motor toast and sensors bad. hmm... Electronic things have a difficult time here....so does money...Going to see about parts maybe after the first, depends on what the LORD allows. But might be less to buy another one...Washing by hand in a house like ours weee... Did it for over a year a while back. Still trying to fix the roof too.. Already replaced many broken roof panels but still need to do many more. Ran out of money. Most crumble in half when we pick them up to inspect. Had one of our men wanting to go to the main public hospital in the capital to preach and hand out tracts over the weekend. TV news will be there too.. He came by for help and tracts. I gave him hundreds of J/R and thousands of tracts, even let him borrow my only camera, but felt ashamed I could not go or even muster $5 bus far for him to go with at the moment. Been a long hard month... I let him use my phone to call one of his old friends who gave him bus fare...

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Firsts... Our first wedding at the Lighthouse. Been a very busy weekend. Saturday Feb 14 was a wedding and Sunday was the graduation for the Bible institute. Lisa made cakes for both(took 40lbs of powedered suger alone), food for the wedding and planned it out. We set up tents on the grounds, killed our big male lamb to feed everyone, Sunday bused down the mountain church to have a joint service at the Lighthouse. 100+ church members in a 66 pass bus 2 hours slowly down the mountain, hot dusty, steep and rough.
Our first Bible institute graduation from one of our mountain churches. Three years hard work and a year working ministry full time. Make these young men ready to go minister as the LORD leads. There were another dozen also walking behind the graduates who should be ready in the coming years. Amen.
Also the ladies ministry of the church in the city did an outreach to the hospital on Valentines day and led 2 women to the LORD. Amen!
 On a lower note had a drunk driver hit our New Lighthouse bridge the middle of the night... the most well lit object in the whole area... and stole the lightbulbs off it. So need to do repairs. I also got ran off the road Monday. Could have been deadly and plowed into a stopped pickup with 15 or more people in the bed or head long into a semi.. but the LORD protected and only bent some metal and broke some glass on the new kia and no one hit or hurt... Mostly fixed, still needs a bit of body work.
While out seeking parts our 2 young boys were rough housing on the beds,  one pushed the other off and split his head wide open needing 10 stitches. Every step forward is costly and burdensome in unseen ways. Picked up a few roof panels in hopes to slow the very leaky roof of the lighthouse dorms. Fear I need more but not enough to do everything. Needs to be done before rainy season hits. Our Bible student Wilman who is sacrificing much driving 1.5hours off of one mountain and up an hour a second with the old resurrected motorcycle.. blew the motor. So church services were canceled Sunday. Brought it back to the Lighthouse and jr found cyl, piston ect to get it going yet again. send him off only to go rescue him 2 days later...fixing again. Really need good transportation if they are to preach in uttermost parts...Planning another Nicaragua outreach for March, praying the LORD makes a way.

Monday, February 2, 2015

In need of miracles

Need prayer. We need several miracles. There is so much before us at this time I see no way but to share it with our ministering saints and plead with heavens provision. The needs are way beyond our capacity but need to get done.

1-As seen in posts below we have a major opportunity to reach into Nicuargua. A medical outreach group is coming, tickets and meds bought, and we are hoping to plant 1-2 churches out of it. Need funds to care for the group we are bringing to translate, preach and soulwinner. Care for a group of about 10 poor mountain preachers and bible students (Soul winners) and our kids as translatorsfor 10 days in a foreign country to help our Nic nat preacher/evangelist. Driving two old trucks down that need repairs first as well. Plus funds to prepare legal papers to begin a ministry there.
2- Our Lighthouse dorms need a roof. One side has been repaired dozens of times and now has cracks from peak to wall. Could run $3000. And will not know till we pull it off and see much can be salvaged. Needs to be done before rainy seasons hits (April). Was rough last rainy season, now it is worse
3-We need to start school but the rules have changed and we must hire a state approved cert Honduran  teacher(cost $400 a month). Plus buy all that is needed for the kids to start this month (Feb)
And many other issues just to keep the ministry running...

Baptised 3 this Sunday. One was the young man from a few posts back...Amen! The Last group that was here one of their kids found that Julie needed new glasses and took care of the need personally. They arranged it all before they left and Julie picked them up Friday. Happy clear sighted camper...AMen!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Honduras Missions in Nicaragua

Our first ministry trip into Nicaragua went well. It began several weeks ago fixing the old kia. Welding the frame , fixing CV joints, bearings and a rack and pinion. After 4 failed attempts by a machine shop to seal up a leaking steering rack, by Sat night we just cut the belt and commited to drive it without power steering... Think tired hurting arms after a thousand or more pot holes. Why the old kia? It has tags and legal paperwork... still waiting on lic plates for the new kia and Nic will not allow it to enter without tags.. Our American visitors head north to the airport with Jr and we(Me, Lisa, Jenny, Carlos) head south to Nic for an outreach and plead with Gov. officials for permission for medical team in Febuary. The road south is very bad. After just 10 miles of potholes the front end of the kia begins squeeling like a bad bearing... We pray and press on. Hard to miss them when it is hard to steer. Pick up our Nic counterparts at the border and keep going.  The journey takes us close upa nd all the way around the large still active San Cristobl volcano that is alway in view. We can see it from Choluteca. First stop Chinendega. Health officials rudely deny our request for a medical team. Undeterred, we press on to the city of Leon. Visit the other two locations and receive a very warm welcome with locals. Leon is a quaint clean city with a Mayberry/Norman Rockwell feel to it and baseball is popular. Where children play in the street and everyone sits outside where it is cooler. Kind of like I remember Fla. was when I was a kid. Fewer TVs and unlike Honduras, we never saw police anywhere other than a couple of cars pass by. Even the bicyclist obey the street laws(thousands of them. many are 3 wheeled pedal taxis)  As we drive around the first two churches seen? Mormon and JW.. hmm. There are a half a dozen large 200 yr old historic catholic buildings. After a quick check pulling tires to see if a wheel was falling off the locals made lunch for us. Then the still squealing Kia becomes a bus and we make 3 trips picking folks up for a movie and preaching time at an impromtu side of the road location near property we might plant a church. The local news shows up and interviews Carlos and films the entire activity. 2 adults and 13 children come forward for salvation. I lead a very humbled man named Victor to my Saviour. Afterwards he asks about his family and I shared with him how he was the God ordained leader in his house and how to begin teaching them out of the bible I also gave him. Several come forward just asking for prayer. I found this very telling. We take everyone back, pack up and arrive at captian Juan's home to sleep. He gives us his home for the night and goes to sleep with neighbors then returns early to make breakfast of fried tuna sandwiches. We take an early drive out to the beach and see the Telica vocano smoking a bit the whole way. Beautiful ride and we see the LORD in so many ways.  We return to Leon and go to visit the ministry of health. It is the fifth time pastor Ruis and Captian Juan have requested permission. They again say no until Lisa steps in as the American rep explaining things and eliminates all objections. It takes an hour but in the end we got the approval letter. There is strong objection in Government officials toward the USA because they feel the US just treats Nic as a garbage dump... It has been 30 years but you can still see a remnant of old soviet presence. Cuban cigars and russian vodka can easily be had russian tractors sold and working fields. Our captain knows russian, and a few very old russian 4x4 trucks around. But mostly kias, japan and USA cars on the roads..and lots of 3wheeled bicycles...hard to miss them with slow heavy steering.  Almost no big usa names on signs, no fast food places. But US goods are readily avail. Coke candy ect.

The previous night our captian tears up with joy as we talk about the friendship between our Nic pastor and the US preachers who visit. And how we have preached on the Honduras military base with both USA and Nic preachers who were once enemies. I learn more details about our preacher's old wounds and we drive by where he was shot by a US aircraft. We also take time out to visit a lawyer to see the requirements in starting a ministry in another country. It is very much like Honduras... just need money as usual. Hoping to set things in motion when we return in a few weeks so we can accept the property to start the church on. We have to create a Nic entity and get residence visas. A great door is open and I see 2 church plants in the near future if the LORD provides. One in a very poor neighborhood and the second in an industrial area with several factories and new gated communities surrounding it where hundreds ride their bikes to work in the mornings...amen. We arrive back into Honduras with a still squeeling Kia and all wanting to rest...Everyone was in agreement... the LORD was pleased...amen
To our northern friends... It was 95 again yesterday but wind chill made it feel like 92. This photo page was Tue morning devotion time looking at God's picture book. He spoke loud and clear what His will is. Mon night we slept without airconditioning and I got a mosquito bite on my toe that woke me up to read my bible at 4am...Little things...

Friday, January 23, 2015

Let there be light...

The church in San Geranimo now has light. The Kiefer family worked hard and installed fans and lights in the church on Mon and Tue. Wendsday was time to sit on the beach and let the kids play in the ocean. Five of our kids had never seen the ocean as well as some of the Kiefers. Good time of rest. Thursday the new lit church had it's first night service under it's own light. Pastor Kiefer preached. The men from LaCruz came and Kiefer girls did music. I think the LORD was pleased... 

Our mountain pastor who was about to loose his house received mercy from the LORD.  Ministering saints answered the LORD and supplied, one even selling his gun for funds.The pastor took out a very small loan about 7 years ago but has struggled to pay it back. What was the loan for? To expand is humble mud home to accommodate the two orphans he took in from his church after both parents died of aids. He is a subsistance farmer farming other's land when they permit. Ie growing corn on the side of a mountain planting each seed by hand. The loan payment prevented him from sending his own children to school past the 6th grade as well as hindered his ability to supply food. We helped over the years as containers came in with food to share or seed to plant but it is never enough. The bank gave final notice and monday was the last day to pay or he would loose the home... Monday the LORD paid off his $600 morgage on the mud home. I gave him a hard bible economics lesson before letting him know I had the funds. Then let him know the LORD supplied because of the fatherless under his roof not to rescue him from poor choices. He understood well. We then went to the bank, and got papers. He asked for our small generator and lights so he could have a church service at his home and give thanks. Yesterday he carried the generator down the mountain on his back to meet me in the city to give it back. I found out his youngest daughter was sick and needed antibioticsand was undernurished. (Kathyrn was the little girl who fell in the well and cling to the wall all night while everyone searched about 5 years ago.) We offered to care for her for a couple of weeks but she wanted to return to her mom, so we gave funds for meds and food and prayer. Hopefully now that the burden of home is removed, food will get better in the home as well.
A good Good week and it aint over yet. Thank you LORD for your ministering Saints.

Monday, January 19, 2015

God is in the details...

We have had an old friend pastor Kiefer and 4 of his children visiting whom I have not seen for near a decade... Though he and his church have not ceased to pray for us in all that time. When last we visited I was in the USA at their church and Lisa was already in Honduras. (brave missionary who sends his wife first to check it out :) Actually I had commitments to fullfill stateside and Lisa went to deal with pressing situations here. After she arrived, through an unplanned and strange turn of events, the government placed in Lisa's care our first Lighthouse child, Jenny. I was visiting Pastor Kiefer's church at that time and they began to pray for her and the yet to be founded Lighthouse ministry. She rebelled a few years ago but the protigal child came home humbled and repentant just before Pastor Kiefer arrived. hmm Details...
 It has been a blessing to watch.

 Pastor Kiefer preached messages yesterday about "choose ye this day". Because of a one day old west VBS activity planned at the Lighthouse Baptist, we had some older youth present who were not there for word of God. I let it go during the play and beginning activities, but halfway through preaching the LORD moved me to speak. They were disruptive, one even with his back toward preaching talking and texting on a phone. I interupted the service and said a few hard truth, pleading words. After a few moments, he and the click with him chose to leave. But his older brother (19years old) came forward at the altar call wanting to serve God. Details...
While in the mountain VBS Saturday, we also went and had a service in the home of a family the mountain preacher was trying to reach for several years. The first time the family ever desired to hear God's word through the church. Hike a short distance up a dry creek to the home and Pastor Kiefer preached and our 3 families sang. Many were moved, all were joyful, but it was short lived. As the service closed, in a next house, a crazy man upset at the world shot and killed the 20 year old son of the family we were preaching to. Our mountain preacher is there comforting them through the funeral. Details...

We have been waiting a couple of months to finish electric in SanGeronimo because the electric company had not run a line. Planning to install electic in the building anyway today with Pastor Kiefer, we picked up supplies last week. 7am Sunday morning as we were leaving for church in another city, a neighbor ran out saying the electric company is at the other church wanting to install the lines and wants our parts...Really??? ... 7am Sunday the day before after waiting months? Smile... Details...

Another issue was  one of our mountain pastors had taken out a micro loan (Few hundred dollars) feeling preasured to accomidate his growing family. He took in two orphans who both parents died of aids. Both also members of the church. The loan helped build another adobe room and fix a distant well. The problem is his only real dollar income is from growing corn wherever someone will allow. It barely keeps his family fed. Often does not. So he defaulted on the loan and received notice to pay or leave property(property was collateral) by today. I begrudgingly put out a plea because even wanting to, I could not help. If it would only have caused him hurt I might have said nothing, but the home of two fatherless and the possibility of loosing a pastor preaching in the uttermst parts was outweighing another economics lesson... And God is the Father to the fatherless. I put out a plea and ministering saints answered... one even sold his shotgun to help. So today I will meet with the pastor teach a strong economics lesson and praise the LORD a roof remains over the fatherless...  Details...

Here is a link to a you tube post a friend put up after his visit here. It is an early morning walk through of the Children's Lighthouse property on Jan 3, 2015. He was who the LORD used for the seed money to build the children's  home in 2008.  Details https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5L2KuiCR484

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