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Friday, September 18, 2015

Building churches and wedding bells...

More expense added to a long month. Rains caused a retaining wall on the other side of the church to  fall. An adobe house in the same area fell on a little girl that goes to the church as well. They dug her out and thought they might amputate her leg but Dr we able to pin her all back together... they wall... it was amputated and we need to rebuild it before rain can damage the foundation of the church.
Also had a visitor from the north coast who runs an air ambulance. He wants to buy a kia and modify it like ours...so come to see who it was done. Maybe even have jr and I build it for him.

Not official yet but it looks like our fir
st lighthouse child Jenny will be getting married in Jan to one of our faithful church boys. They are both leaning toward full time ministry... lots to do yet lots of needs to make all happen. Need lots of wisdom and prayer. Also in Dec Omar's daughter Yosilyn will be getting married. After Omar's passing she came to me and asked permission in place of her father, later asked if I would give her away in Omars place... humbling...

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Win a few...

I always enjoy leaving out in the morning seeing the sheep laying in our field..The monkey bite is healing, and the Lord has allowed a few other battles to be won. We did have the multi church baptismal service and 6 of our churches represented and 375 folks  were able to attend with 5 of churches baptizing a total of 19 believers. Amen. That is a an expensive burden to get that many people off the mountains but was well worth it and created a lot of unity. Lisa fed them, preaching filled them and a couple of men dunked them and buses moved them. In all a great day in the Lord.
Also had a call about an available property to plant a church on. It is next to the site we did the medical outreach on. The man who allowed us to use his home for a pharmacy is selling the property  across the path. Great site, has water and electic to it. We had an offer to help purchase it and with what the mission has we only need 1000 dollars to purchase it. Waiting on the Lord. To soon to share all but looks like we will have a wedding of our first lighthouse child... details to follow later. Amen!
Just spent the afternoon with the youth from La Cruz baptist as they did a children's outreach in a newer barrio across town. It is a good place to begin a work. Over 1000 home less than 5 min walk...

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

When the devil looks like a monkey

Been a rocky start to the month. Sunday morning started off with a fight with a monkey and he got in the last bite to my ear. Went all Sunday with a dripping bloo
dy ear. weee. Sat night we had an outreach preaching teaching time in a Luz y Vida Baptist Church. One of the member's adult sons was killed on his way to work at the same time of night. Robbed and hit in back of neck with a machete. Funeral was Sunday. His twin sister is sch to be baptized this Sunday. Also did an outreach i. The mountain on Friday night. Several kids went and took care of equipment ect. so I was free to teach a lesson to the youth about the glory of God and used Hubble pictures. All were glue to the screen. On way down punctured another tire but made it home by midnight. Some of our bible grads are teaching bible classes in public schools currently 3 schools, about 300 students. But they are being asked by more schools to also teach in them... 10 are asking. Need much more supplies, funds and workers to do it. Imagine a public school begging a church to come teach bible weekly to every class and ever student.. and we say no because we cannot full fill all the need... glorious and heartbreaking in same breath... prepping for a big multi-church baptism service Sunday at Lighthouse property. Wish our latest project was finished for it... but septic is in, foundation dug, and starting to pour...progress amen. It will be a multi use open building, many uses we have needed for many years...just as the Lord provides. Keep us in prayer...

Friday, August 21, 2015

Fighting the serpent

Honduras missions update. 8/21/15
Still battling the old serpent. Sometimes literally. Kids found a 10 foot snake near the Lighthouse and one of our church members eliminated the "threat". There is a 15 footer in the mountain behind us. I'm thinking pet snake... I may find this a lonely thought...
Our preacher in Nicaragua visited and I loaded him up with bibles, joy bags and supplies to return with. He has an outreach very near the border, but not near the normal crossing. Up the mountain over the old single lane military bridges.
People attend the services from both sides of the border in a village up the mountain. Instead of crossing and "debating" all day with border guards like last time, we just dropped bibles and preacher off near the mission and he and some men walked it over for a bolsa of pepsi( ie you buy a 1.5L glass bottle and 3 small plastic bags and divided it and hand the bottle back to the seller. Some might call it smuggling bibles, in Honduras it is just life as it is. It cost 50 cents... do what you can afford. Amen.

An old friend donated an industrial sewing machine for one of our mountain preachers. Other ministering saints are making a way to get it here. The pastor makes belts to sustain the ministry and his family in the mountain. He makes thousands of belts on an old pedal powered machine. We have looked for 3 plus years for another way. After helping the village get electric a while back an electric sewing machine seemed logical. It just so happens it was the exact unit were had been looking for. Amen!
We have been digging for a septic system and building a tank. All by hand, a lot harder than the prefabs they do in the US. But it is coming together.
 Several more outreaches planned in churches, and 3 churches have folks ready for baptism when water is available. Might be doing some of them at the Lighthouse property. Praying our months get shorter and the ministry become even more profitable to heavenly accounts.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

We'll work till Jesus comes...

There are several outreaches this month. Been trying to do a little construction as time, money, weather and equipment allow. Installed a septic field for a future project. It will be dorm rooms to use in a multitude of ways. Has been a large need for some time. A place to house visitors as well as a place to allow our local churches to come and have special meetings. It will be a transition house for our older kids as they prepare to move out, a clean place to house mountain families in need of medical care or night from hospital. House at risk families for a short time ect. Sounds impressive but it is just 6 small rooms with elect and a bathroom built to honduras standards. Yet will come in handy every month. Doing it as the Lord allows. Everything the Lord has allowed us to do in Honduras has been debt free. We build it ourselves with whatever the Lord provides, and it is amazing how much has been done on so little... it is the Lord at work. Our preacher in Nic. is still preaching. Has another outreach with near 50 attending under a tin roof. Hoping to go out and minister with him if the Lord allows. The new plant at the border is having regular meetings now, our church in the city is reaching another neighborhood. It is all a struggle and burden to keep going but blessings abound as well. Three churches have folks ready for baptisms, maybe at the river or maybe at the lighthouse property. Need lots of prayer, arrived home this week to find a thief on the property, chased him around the neighborhood but he slipped away, always more to do than we have money or strength for. Heartache at times. Had one of our preachers in the mountain

come asking for help for several starving families. As I probed his heart I found his family was hurting just as much because he had already given all he had. Last month was the first month I can remember where I thought we finally have enough to make it to the end of the month... that was before the pastors visit. Wish we could get shipping containers like we used too. It was a major help in times like this. There is way more need than we can supply alone. Was able to slip away with the kids for a day at the beach. One of the few recreations available here. Even better when you  time it when no one else is there. Just our family as far as the eye can see... Always need prayer. Thank you!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Only 31 more years to go... in the wilderness... under a tent...

Been a busy month. Had Truth for Today medical  team here for an evangelistic  campaign. Great week and a bountiful harvest. We gave medical care to 1983 people of which 255 made a new relationship with Christ. Amen .. We thought we had a few more but when the pastors reviewed for followup visits they found a few folks went through our lines more than once with paperwork... and were counted 2x. Bookkeeping does wonders. Our bible students will follow up on all 1983 people making in home visits over the next few months.  Several hundred more renewed or got assurance  of salvation. Even a catholic priest and a priest's helper came to a repentant knowledge. Made it through the the week without any major issues... until the last day up on the mountain. Started by blowing a tire.. then a bus passed the parked kia and scraped the whole side... on way down the bearings began to fail on the trailer...but made it home. Jr lost brakes and rode the gears all the way down, just like I had to do last year. Dangerous if you lose control... he broke 2 springs and the differential in doing so. But got his passengers safely down...  With this help a new church plant has begun in Gausaule. And the tent we started two  other churches with and preached under for 7+ years was cleaned by our kids, sewn up and put in service again to plant another church. Sat. Drag the trailer to town to fix bearings, thinking it should be simple and cheap..but what I wanted done did not happen. Hooked up trailer to go get materials only to have it break down 2x. First time at 5pm wheel came off and broke all the studs... got a hold of jr before phone died and got it back on  road around 10pm...only to have axle  break a few miles later...finally put a long board under it, tied it on and drug it home at 1am...weee. today went to the 9year anniversary  of the LA Cruz Baptist church and shared the tent story, that we put up the same tent to start another church... amen. Carlos preached and a new lady visitor came to Christ.  using up this world's stuff saving heavenly stuff is what it is all about... hoping my candle is completely spent before my flame is put out...feels like it is most days...
In other news...Finally have water to the San Jeranimo church. I added a few old photos from when we first began in La Cruz. On was just a week after with 45 people, the little tent... few months later 75...

Monday, June 15, 2015

bringing in the sheaves...

Need prayer, provision, protection and wisdom for next week. We have Dr Waller and a team coming for medical evangelism. It is always fruitful. We will be setting up in different locations each day , it is a lot of work. 5 locations- 3 churches, a new church plant, and a public school in the mountain, transporting 17 americans, a bunch of supplies, 8-10 hondurans, plus our family helpers... it is a taxing task but rewarding and fruitful. Need prayer, protection and provision to make it all happen. The harvest is always bountiful...thank you

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

need moto..vated

Been a struggle to post lately. Poor internet, no computer ect. But the work continues. Mother's day went well even baptized 4 wanting to follow the Lord at the Lighthouse baptist church
. Went yesterday to visit a new outreach near the border. A group of 20 adults have been meeting in a home. It is actually lost and found fruit. Two families from our churches in the mountains moved there a while back. They did not know each other or the connection  but both sought the same thing. They met began meetings and grew. Now more than 20 adults. One older man had some ministry experience  and began to lead. Then they contacted us to help. Our bible students  have stepped up to begin helping, guide   and teach them correctly. So it appears we have a new church plant. Good location seed on the wayside. Right along the pan american highway. There is even a small property available I am told for only 1500 dollars that would be the perfect start to a meeting place. Need to investigate. The same bible students also are teaching bible classes in the public schools on the mountain...and being requested by other schools. The saw 45 students and a teacher trust the Lord last week. In need of buses  for several  churches and the children's lighthouse. It would grow the churches a lot here. Buses came easy to me in the usa, I gave away many to help start bus ministries, not sure why it is so hard to get one here. Been praying for one for 10 years. Had 30 plus people in our kia yesterday going to church. But it is just one vehicle  and cannot serve 8 churches at the same time. We need motorcycles as well to get our preachers where they need to be. This too has been a major  hindrance. Need a computer to communicate , need motorcycles to propagate, and buses to "motor"vate the gospel. Our problem in Honduras is typically this. Example.. Monday we had a small special bank deposit given. Amen we praise the Lord, answer to prayer...make plans how to use it. Head to the city to an atm to fulfill the plan....and blow a tire...and use the special funds fixing the truck to get home... weee. Our ministering saints have carried our heavy burden faithfully for a long time. Though few in number  much has accomplished through them by our Lord's hand. We continually give thanks for you.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Ravens in the wilderness

We have a small circle of wonderful ministering saints who carry a weighty percent of the Lord's ministry here. Without them we simply could not minister here. They are our ravens in the wilderness obeying the LORD. My heart is filled with gratitude and often trepidation when we share our personal issues. The needs are always more than our supply and I  do not want to increase their sacrifice and overburden them. What is needed is more ministering Saints to lighten the load as our months seem to be getting longer every year, prices increase, needs increase. just a simple issue; Been 4 months without a washing machine in a large family household.   Please keep it all in prayer.
We had sad news  this month. Little Elias, the baby Jr and  Lourdes cared for last year and nursed back to health at great expense, passed away. He was taken from us  healthy about 6 month ago for what was suppose to be better care facility. I knew when it happened it was not a good thing but must obey the powers that be. I do not know of anyplace else willing to take in a baby with celebral palsy and care for them for life. He died of malnutrition and pneumonia in the hospital. The mother refused the body and an unknown person took and buried him prior to the government officials going. So no one even knows where he was buried. If we had the resourses there is so much more we could do.
This is in memory of baby Elias Garcia, October 11, 2013 - April 10, 2015. You brightened our lives in the 11 months you were in our care last year. We will miss you

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

How do you say no?

Another ambulance run. Neighbors run to our house and plead for help. A young girl in our neighborhood fell and broke her arm. Rush to get to social hospital ..Dr's on strike...no one there to help...family is very poor and cannot afford a pay clinic. Go to a cheap clinic and get run around nothing done and loose $20 on an unusable xray..no Drs available.. ok I Call the good Dr we know at home and he rushes in to his clinic to take care of us. For a fee of course ....But he does have the best equipment and care in town. Only one who can do live while operating xrays. So he can set things and drill while looking at his computer screen. He is on way now...never dull..so ambulance run and now insurer...wee... "see his brother have need"...hard verse to escape here`~~~Short time later...We find she needs to be all pinned back together to function right...alot worse than I thought... now I need to find $750 usd.... or just bandage it and she will loose function... or stretch food another week or sò at lighthouse(todays is food shopping day and we are very low...hmm need prayer...Not a hard choice, just difficult to do. Talked to Dr and he will wait a few days for payment, I give a deposit to buy the hardware needed and he begins to operate and nail her back together... Hour later... Carla is pinned back togetherand casted...and I owe a gracious dr in a country were everyone pays first... the socialized on strike Dr's would not have done this or had the equipment. So she will have full function in a couple of months... how does one say no? If I had she would be days before seeing a Dr and disfigured for life...Wiped me could not even buy the $20 worth  antibiotics or pain meds on way home for her...She comes to our church frequently. Her grandmother is a faithful member. Hard to say no when you are an active part... hmm that will preach.

Monday I was trying to do banking. After 3 hours in long lines at 4 banks we finally paid a light bill. Wee,.. I was sitting in the market and saw some regulars I have seen a few times. One was a young boy leading a blind old man and begging for food. He stopped in my window of the truck and I told him no. Because if you give out of your home or car they race to your vehicle/home constantly. I did arrange for the place he was resting, (same roadside food stand we stopped at) to give them food and gospel tract. I moved down the road on another errand and saw another familure lost soul. A man whose mind is lost, clothes tattered so bad they do not keep modesty. At times we have seen him naked screaming in the streets. Our kids see it all here,there is no censorship in life or in the markets. Today he was digging through gutter trash licking plates and anything with a hint of food. No different than a hungry dog. And no one even glanced at the familure sight. On the way home on the empty stretch of highway there is a man who has sat naked for 4 months yelling at the cars going by. It is near the makeshift police checkpoint and cars are often stopped in front of him. So people toss leftover food out to him. Not sure what can be done about these lost souls except pray for now... If you stop and try to talk to them, would you believe they are as full of pride as a wallstreet banker could be... It is the reason they are where they are... Pride is THE issue separating God and man... It blinds so badly a man licking a plate from the gutter of a dirty street wants no good news...

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