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Friday, December 5, 2014


As a treat in lieu of our normal preachers meeting I sent a total of 17 of our men from our churches to a four day Ind Baptist evangelism conference in the capital this week. All got a charge out of it. Jr took them and and handled logistics. We also sent boxes of tracts and between the services they went into the city parks and market and handed out over 15,000 tracts and were able to witnesss numerous times. Our bible students had two young men ask to help. Rather odd. Cautiously they gave them just a few to see what they would do. They did exactly what our guys were doing. Then asked for more and a repeat several more times. All they wanted was to help get the gospel out. Never seen them before or after. The guys joking later said they were entertaining angels unaware. Another man was following them around a busy market. They began to worry if he was a thief or something. He finally asked for a tract and the men led him to the LORD. One the way back the mountain road was blocked by an overturned tractor trailer who was going too fast for the curve and mountain. Almost went over the bridge and into the river. But all arrived charged up to soul win even more.

Friday, November 14, 2014


Still warm weather here..but then it is always warm weather here. One of the christian block masons who has helped us for 9 years here was working in our area across the highway. He was hired to build a room for a family for their grandfather to live in. He needed help so I asked if he would work our boys. School is now out here for our "summer". Lenin and Enrique were glad to help. They have been digging and laying foundations, and mixing cement all week as a different kind of "schooling". Learning a trade, learning how to work under a boss, learning responsibility. Nice to watch.  On other fronts we are eating our sheep and our rabbits had babies. Kids are excited. Also took the kids to the river to cool off a bit, always fun.
 We had a major supporter drop us for reasons not in their control.(loss of work) Their sacrifice was a large percentage of our support. Need prayer about it. But as the LORD has done so many times our ministering saints came through for this month and covered the deficit. Amen, a raven in the wilderness. We have seen Ravens happen every month for 9 years. Our support circle is a small and very sacrificial group of ministering saints.
Pray the LORD opens new doors and hearts to continue to cover and provide what is needed every month. Add to that our new fridge died, our drier died, tring to resurrect them as we can...But need extra funds...and I cannot remember ever having extra funds in Honduras, it is all needed and none is ever extra.. :) Thank you for allowing the LORD's work to continue here in Honduras.

Friday, November 7, 2014

for such is the kingdom of God...

Pastor Carlos and church members from La Cruz Baptist in the city handing out tracts, John and Romans at the city cemetary on the Day of the Dead in Honduras. It is a busy day in the cemetary as thousands visit graves put flowers and eat lunch, set up altars, burn candles, ect as a tradition. Our churches use the opportunity to share the gospel. The church in Trapechee did the same on Sunday several hours before services as did San Geranimo and St Teresa.
We also received our next 2 children, a very small and undernurished Ligia 9 and Roberto 7, brother and sister, also cousins of Milagro. Like all the children in the Lighthouse a sad story, but with your prayers and blessing the LORD will change that to a blessed story. Milagro wasted no time showing them the blessings of the Lighthouse and already giving hugs and smiles. I think another two children will be placed here next week as well. I do not know how the LORD does it but He touches hearts every month. Thank you to all our ministering saints who lift us up in prayer and aid in the LORD's ministry. 
Lu 18:16 But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.

Sunday, November 2, 2014


Thursday we put out a plea for prayer and it was answered allowing us to help Friday morning. Thanks to a ministering saint hearing the LORD. We were able to help a church member from a mountain church. The preacher got her off the mountain to the hospital in the middle of the night. We were not able due to end of month funds and no fuel. She was sick with dengue and went into labor but it was breached. The hospital did a c section. We went Friday morning to help the preacher minister to her and help him as he used all he had to get her there and no way to get back up. Lisa made up a box and we took care of food, meds and transportation needs. Her name is Myrna. The baby boy is a month early and in ICU. Thank you for answering prayer...

Went up to a mountain church Sundays morning to take a few supplies and check on the electric install by the power company. The village just got electric up there and part of the offer was the electric company would run up to the meter pan if we signed up and payed their connect fee. That was a few weeks ago. Now the building is ready to wire in lights, outlets, fans, and switches when the LORD provides. I mapped out what was needed now to turn that into a parts list and pray f...or a way. I dont think the church should do the wiring after hearing they took up the ground rod and wireing the electric company put in because they were afraid the kids would touch the bare wire and get shocked... But wireing direct to the meterpan with a spliced together extension cord to power up a mic was considered safe.. I had to smile and bite my tongue. It will be great to begin regular night services. A second church near the Lighthouse is also a week or two from this point and also pushing to start night service when they get Electric installed. I arrived in the mountain and the SS teacher went cough cough can your kids teach? So Julie and Patricia taught the children and our interm pastor, who was one of our institue students, preached a great message on the strength of one mind in the body. He used pencils and handed them out to members and ask a few it they could break them...easily. But then gathered them into a group all a lined in one direction and it would not break even by the strongest guy. good stuff. We talked for the 2 hour ride back down and picked up another group in the city for service at the chapel on the Lighthouse property. Another good service and folks bulging out the door even more than last week. Alot of teens wanting to hear the preaching of our institute students. The playground was being well used prior to services as well. I am sure some of those sounds will be similar in Heaven... The premee baby and mom from the mountain are doing well still in the city. Pray for finances and provision that the LORD would provide all that is needed, needs on every side all the time. Seems like it takes ever more time, money and effort to do less.

Monday, October 27, 2014

take no thought... Mat 6:30

We had another good service at the Lighthouse yesterday. 110 in the service. The building was buldging out the doors with people. I watched as one of our ladies teaching the young kids bought chips and a bottle of drink to share with her class. No big deal? Not in Honduras,

it is only little short of the widows mite because of the poverty. A blessing to see. The kia was full 2x picking folks up and Lisa had a surprise for them after church. Every once in a while we buy bulk used clothes for the kids in pressed hay bails like the used clothing stores do. It costs $200-300 dollars but we get alot of clothes for very little per item that way for the kids... but we also get alot we cant use. It gets stored and gone through a few more times as kids grow and so on. Until it is finally time to share them like was done yesterday. We put out the clothes for our church to sift through... lots of smiles...

 Getting ready this morning the kids making breakfast and Enrique comes in with a new pet bed bug... We have huge spiders, grasshoppers, and beetles here... at least their is no question whether you have bed bugs or not...not hard to see at all. And quit friendly.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Day of the Dead or Halloween?

Honduras does not celebrate Halloween. But don't sigh with relief. Instead it celebrates the "Day of the Dead" and it lasts up to 3 days.  It is a similar idea to Halloween, but expressed differently. It is confusion, a menagerie of pagan and catholic religion accepted and promoted by the Catholics. A continuation of Mayan and Aztec celebrations of the dead and adapted/adopted into catholicism. I think some of the terminology of Halloween might have originted from Day of the Dead, yet it has a much more direct link to pre columbian cultures. The little altars made at the location of death with candles, photos and flowers as a memorial around the world is derived from this celebration.

A quote from wiki--
"On October 31, All Hallows Eve, the children make a children's altar to invite the angelitos (spirits of dead children) to come back for a visit. November 1 is All Saints Day, and the adult spirits will come to visit. November 2 is All Souls Day, when families go to the cemetery to decorate the graves and tombs of their relatives. The three-day fiesta filled with marigolds, the flowers of the dead; muertos (the bread of the dead); sugar skulls; cardboard skeletons; tissue paper decorations; fruit and nuts; incense, and other traditional foods and decorations.
 —Frances Ann Day, Latina and Latino Voices in Literature"

The bars, Catholic church,  cemetaries and florists are all open and all very busy.  It is a celebration frowned upon and avoided by most Christians here, but they are a small minority. It is used by them as a time to witness. Our folks go to the gates of the cemetaries (packed with people putting flowers) and hand out tracts or J/Romans and offer real comfort and truth to the confusion about death people have. The church in the city may hand out 20,000 or more tracts next weekend at just one cemetary...The reaction most have is that of surprise, that someone would give away something for free at this time, even is if it just a tract or John/Romans. And few refuse the offer.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

James 2:18 working faith...

We have been
having computer issues as of late. The one I am typing on is a laptop that the keyboard doesn't work, nor do the usb ports most of the time, so the cheapy plug in keyboard makes my spelling even worse, the DVD drive is dead. It has been dropped so it is bent and the battery is toast so it just quits when it wants to. In addition to our frequent power outages. But I have it hooked up to a cell on the roof to get 4kb internet. Do what you gotta do with what you got.  Lots of extra financial needs coming up on us. We must redo our paper work again for the government, ie funds for lawyer and docs for the mission. We just got other certification paperwork done, so we are offical finally a legal approved home for children,(only took 9 years) but still owe $300 to the lawyer for it. Jr's operation, we are hoping for January if funds permit. This on top of the normal expenses. But the LORD always seems to work it out. I sat down this afternoon and asked the LORD when we could go shopping for food? Lisa goes on monday often. We were at the min bank balance Sat. and as of this morning it had not changed. I then looked at email and someone had listened to the LORD and a raven came. Just enough for food. Lisa is out shopping as I write. What do you do when you are low on funds, not much food in the house and bills pressing? Well we take in another child, and give away food. We were asked to take in a malnurished 11yr old girl who has never been to school or seen her mom, dad is another drunk in the street. She visited with the government officials last month and asked if she could live with us. Would you believe her real name is Milagro de Dios (Miracle of God)? We will be taking 2 more children in at the end of the school year in a month . We also took food to neighbors in need who come to church. One girl began coming when she was pregnant at 12(now 14). We have helped her put a roof on her mud shack and in a few other ways like food today. Hard to hide from this verse in Honduras... Pr 21:13  Whoso stoppeth his ears at the cry of the poor, he also shall cry himself, but shall not be heard.

The problem in sharing ones faith is many do not have any to share...

The Lighthouse property church has been packed the last couple of months over 100 attending. In Part due to the new classes our bible students have began. I see the church growing spiritually through this. We also have one student now pastoring in a mountain church and has begun teaching the institute to 3 students. Another mountian church is hoping to build classrooms in January. Likely out of adobe. Still seeing the LORD move in mighty ways. Thank you for allowing us to fulfill the work of the LORD. Amen!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Little things

Lisa prepped for 50 kids and 12 government people to visit us at the Lighthouse Property. We had some of our Bible institute students come and be excellent examples of the fruit of the ministry and preach. They did great, though I got worried when I heard them begin preaching about Sodom and Gomorrah. Moreso when you understand the background of the kids present. But they pulled it off well and three boys came forward at the end. Amen. One of our students gave his testimony how he used to be a gang member, and how all of his old gang buddies are now dead. A lot of work went into this small group. Some of the officials drove from Tegu (2+hours) just to attend. We put out the bounce houses, Lisa made hot dogs, Sunday float cupcakes, and gave away Joy bags. (They looked real and watching some of the kids try to suck their cupcakes through the straw was my entertainment) Kids played on the playground and zip line. Lisa made up a photo studio and Julie took photos of those who wanted them. In all the big things done, it is often the little things that impress most. Like little Lester, sitting with a bunch of new strange kids...of his own accord stops and prays for his food before eating as the officials look on. Our kids wearing "staff" shirts and serving and caring for the kids the officials brought.  Another young boy comes up to me give me ahug while I am talking to the director and says I want to live with you. We have been attacked in so many ways since being here, but seen the LORD protects in even greater ways. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Honduras Dia de Niños 2014 (Children's Day)

This "week" is national children's day for us. Churches, schools,  government do activities. For most it is a day. but we cannot be all places at once so it takes a week. Sunday was our church in the city and the Lighthouse church. Next week 2 more and friday the gov authorities are bringing kids to the lighthouse to celebrate. Preaching often to parents who might not darken the doors of a church is a bonus. We handed out more than 200 gift joy bags from Directline ministries again. Lisa has a way of making them stretch. They give us x number... we get y and z too.. (we always need many more than they can send). Shooting off the candy cannon and still getting mileage out of the bounce house we aquired over a decade ago. I do not think it would not be an exageration to say we have had more than 100,000 kids jump ‌in it. Both in inner cities in the USA and mountain tops in Honduras.. I think we have dragged it over 100,000 miles too.(my back and knees say a million.. but they lie) Been a wonderful ministry tool over the years. Doesnt every missionary have one? We started new classes at the Lighthhouse church. One of our ladies began to help the childrens class and our bible students preached and taught in the adults and new youth class. Even the rain did not dampen the spirit. 7am to 7pm picking up dropping off all day working the background making sure all have what they need and all are where they need to be... Side note for those that know, Jenny has been a regular in church now for a couple of months. Been a blessing after a long heartache. Had another strange thing happen too but will be able to explain it better later...maybe...

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Holding your breath...

August has been a long hard month like holding your breath trying to get to the surface. Lots of work and many battles some won some lost. And the battle raged on 2 weeks longer than provision. Even so blessings abounded. A terrestrial loss for celestrial gain. After a long struggle in various issues, we lost 2 pastors in our ministry, two pulpits needing a voice and sheep need care for. But thankfully our young institute students are stepping up. One has offered to go up the mountain on weekends to teach, preach in church and even begin instructing institute classes there. My part of the deal is to help provide him a way up and back. No easy task, if I were to drive him it would cost near $300 just in fuel each month plus 30 or more hours drive time. And be brutal on the vehicle. We need to do something similar for another location as well. Busses work but are inconvienent and add days to the project. Motorcycles seem the best option.
Lisa was asked to help do a wedding in a mountian church. She provided, electric, dresses, decorations, shirts, ties, and of course the wedding cake for 300 guests for 2 weddings on same day(was going to be 4 weddings) She did it but without sleep on the last 2 days to get it all done. Carrying a wedding cake up a steep bumpy mountian path...think it will arive pristine? dont hold your breath.

We had American visitors from a supporting church. The LORD allowed us to share many parts of our ministry with them. Visited homes, chased monkies, helped in the wedding, preaching , handing out tracts in public school and so on. I believe the LORD worked in their hearts and eyes see clearer. Our church services at the Lighthouse have been full, we ran out of chairs 2 times this month. Over 100 in our little building. Amen a good problem. Electric has been an issue as of late. that is keeping it on, whether by storms taking it out or provision it has been off a lot. Cost is high.

Went with the ladies group to the dump for an outreach. Changed a bit since the last time I was there there. Children are no longer allowed inside so they stay just outside the gate. There were two events one for kids in the street. Numerous decisions. So many, the ladies broke up in 7 groups to deal with the children better. Many, maybe 30, plus 3 adults present made decisions for Christ. Handed out food and hygene bags and shot off the candy cannon. We then went into the dump. Open the doors and the ladies were overwhelmed by the smell. You can only hold your breath so long. it soon passed and we had a small crowd gather to listen under a leanto. They presented the gospel and 5 wanted Christ as Saviour. Beautiful to watch. Hand out the food/hygene bags. Several folks remembered me from years ago.(side note one of the kids with me in our home was a frequent resident of this dump many years ago today she was my photographer and cannon shooter) One of the little things I thought humorous. My Lighhouse kids with me, after helping at the dump, watching people eat cookies and cupcakes with very very unclean hands(like they used to),...afterwards climb in the truck and start digging through things to find handsanitiser. My how things change... Cant go up to the devil and plink him in the nose and not expect a response...
 Come home to a house still without electric(2days) and now without water. Check out our storage tank on the mountain and find someone jumped up and down on the $4000 tank to get the lid off and put dead animals in it. Oh joy. Climb in push tank back out, clean out the tank bleach it then clean the property system. Been a very very long month on the finances. Everything terrestrial is behind, But all heavenly deposits have been on time. Amen!

Saw 2 of the boys who used to be with us years ago but ended up back with their parents, now they are begging in the streets. I stopped and bought them a pizza and talked with Mario and Fernando. Mario showed me the recent scar where his dad cut his arm with a machete while in a drunken rage… heartbreaking. They enjoyed the pizza but you could tell it was in sorrow over what they had lost when they saw the kids still with us.

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